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NTi Xl 4 Geluidsmeter

Decibelmeter met logbestand volgens de nieuwe vlaamse wetgeving


Line array L acoustics

Speakerset Dvdosc Line Array L acoustics

Line Array

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De NTi Xl2 is een klasse 1 geluidniveaumeter conform IEC 61672 en de

vlaamse wetgeving.

De meter kan meerdere grootheden meten zoals L AEQ, LA Max LC Peak

The XL2 Analyzer forms the unique combination of a state-of-the-art Sound Level Meter, a comprehensive Acoustic Analyzer as well as a powerful Audio Analyzer. A range of measurement microphones with an electronic data sheet are available to suit your requirements.

Besides being an advanced, integrating Sound Level Meter, the XL2 measures RTA and FFT high-resolution spectra, RT60 Reverberation Time, Polarity, Delay and THD+N. Optional features are speech intelligibility STIPA, extended acoustics functions, noise curves, cinema calibration, pass/fail analysis and remote measurement acquisition. The Type Approval Option upgrades the instrument to the XL2-TA, a type approved sound level meter.

Data and audio is logged onto the SD card for transfer to your PC. Free reporting tools are available for download. The wide range of functionalities is tailored for measurement tasks in:

Installed Sound

Life Safety Systems

Noise Monitoring

Live Sound


Building Acoustics

Industrial and Aerospace

PASS/FAIL Quality Control

verhuur L acoustics huren, dvdosc
verhuur L acoustics huren, dvdosc

NTi XL2 geluidsmeter met logbestand volgens vlaamse wetgeving.

decibelmeter huren rental dayprice Euro 65.00